Negative Equity May be New Culprint in Foreclosure Crisis

Negative equity drastically increases foreclosure risk. This Christian Science Monitor article notes that the current focus of existing home mortgage modification programs–reductions in monthly payments and interest rates–is misplaced, because the real culprit may be the fact that so many people simply owe far more than their houses are worth.

While lenders may be willing to shave down monthly payments and interest, should they also be willing to shave off tens of thousands of dollars of principal on loans? Does the cost of foreclosure outweigh a discount on the debt?

The above article reminds me of the Tennessean’s 2009 article that the “Making Home Affordable” Modification Program wasn’t helping the foreclosure crisis as expected.

So far, the federal programs look to cure certain symptoms, but can’t seem to reach all of the problem, sort of like plugging a hole and then having another leak spring up.