Nashville Bankruptcy Lawyers Prepare for the Inevitable Spike in Filings

During this coronavirus pandemic, lots of us aren’t working. (Don’t worry, clients, I am 100% working.)

Many of us are staying at home with the kids. We’re definitely not shopping at the mall or meeting up for drinks (well, some of us aren’t). The hotels are empty. Reservations for dinner are being cancelled. AirBNBs are vacant.

This state of affairs is historically unprecedented, and the impact it will have on all businesses, big and small, and all people people, rich and poor, will be felt for years.

One Nashville bankruptcy lawyer, Griffin Dunham, sees it coming. He’s already hearing from businesses that are struggling, and the choices they are making today can have a big impact over the next months.

Here are his quick thoughts on the decisions that people are dealing with right now.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This blog is called Creditor Rights 101, and I don’t advocate for not paying landlords or banks. But, at the same time, I know that this situation calls for tough decisions, and you’ll need somebody in your corner helping you make these decisions.

From my experience, he’s dead right about the need to act deliberately and with good counsel. These are strange times, and it’s the bankruptcy lawyers who can help you navigate these really tough decisions.

Author: David

I am a creditors rights and commercial litigation attorney in Nashville, Tennessee.

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