Big New Case in Nashville Bankruptcy Court

For Nashville Bankruptcy lawyers, most weeks look the same: Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 hearings are on Tuesday mornings, and Chapter 13 matters are heard on Wednesdays (this is new: Monday used to be Chapter 13 docket day).

Today, however, there was a flurry of activity over in Bankruptcy Court, with a “Who’s Who” of local bankruptcy lawyers in court. Typically, June dockets aren’t very busy, with summer vacation season in high gear.

Today was the hearing setting for “first day” Motions in the Amnon Shreibman Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case (12-05272). There were about nine matters set for hearing, with most being the Debtor’s various Motions for Use of Cash Collateral. Where a secured lender either holds a claim secured by cash or the proceeds of other collateral, the Debtor has to ask for and obtain Bankruptcy Court authority to spend that cash (and must provide adequate protection to the secured lender for the use of the cash).

After seeing the commotion, I’ll say this: nothing gets the local Bankruptcy lawyers as excited as a debtor who says they have assets in the $50,000,000 to $100,000,000 range. This is going to be a big case.

All this reminds me of this weekend’s New York Times article, The Trouble With Bankruptcy Lawyers, which discussed proposed legislation to limit legal fees in big bankruptcy cases. Sometimes, those fees can exceed $1,000 an hour.

Author: David

I am a creditors rights and commercial litigation attorney in Nashville, Tennessee.

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