Creditor Issues in Memphis Bankruptcy of Rusty Hyneman Sound Like Law School Exam

Law school exams are a strange creature. Generally, they present a crazy set of facts with a dozen twists and turns, all of which raise different legal issues. The student’s goal is to spot and discuss those issues.

I thought I was reading a law school exam question when I read this Commercial Appeal article about the Bankruptcy filing by Memphis developer Rusty Hyneman.

Hyneman is real estate developer, who has fallen on hard times, and his creditors are aggressively coming after him. Last week, one bank showed up with the sheriff to seize all personal possessions.

But, Hyneman was ready: he had documents showing that he didn’t own any of the stuff in his 12,000 square foot house free and clear. He had pledged it as security to another creditor…his dad.

Now, the banks are in issue spotting mode. They are alleging that the lien granted to the elder Hyneman is a fraudulent conveyance. They are attacking the priority of the father’s lien. They are attacking Hyneman’s proposed sale of his assets to repay his dad. Finally, they are arguing that the proposed purchaser of the assets is a sham entity.

Man-o-man, that’s four legal issues right there, and you can bet there will be a few more.

The best part about the story? The Judge handling this case is Judge Paulette Delk, my former Article 9 professor in law school. This Hyneman case will be a breeze for her, since she’s dealt with law school exams questions with more issues raised than this.

Author: David

I am a creditors rights and commercial litigation attorney in Nashville, Tennessee.

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